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Eelke Ritsma

Through many years in the retail and utility industry, I have gained experience in the broad scope that comes with analytical work. From data-mining to visualisation to guiding change processes, it all starts with wanting to know why things happen the way they do. Consumer analytics is a never-ending puzzle as our environment changes constantly. Analytics helps to anticipate and guide change required by the market.

By looking at the most granular level of customer behaviour, data can be applied to support a wide variety of business decisions. These decisions can range from determining what picture to show in an e-mail in an automated environment to determining where to open a physical retail store. This is the core of what I aim to offer with Nerds Rule: Decision making support on all levels, founded on data analysis.

The main focus areas are analytics through visualisation & storytelling, commercial application of customer data (e.g. through CRM) and business process improvement. The approach is to build strategies from the ground up, looking at the lowest level of hard data available and consequently predicting how the customers will react on events. Using the built up knowledge, strategies can be mapped out accordingly.

Our services

Ranging from customer analytics to business process evaluation, we offer a broad package of services to help you make better use of your data.


How do people respond to what we do as a business and how does this match our goals? These questions are often asked and are key to making progress as a business.

Answering this question starts through visualising what customers do through e.g. sales dashboards, marketing response measurements, shopping frequency and churn overviews. This information serves to create customer models and segmentations that predict response which can be actualised in everyday strategy.

Our goal is to get the information you need using the tools you already have. This way, there will be no black box and continuity is guaranteed. Your company will always remain in the driver’s seat. Alternatively, an analytical tool strategy will be discussed.

Applications of insights
Data Storytelling

Application of data insights influences operational day-to-day activities and it helps shape the offer to the customers. There are technical aspects: Data has to be transferred to a location where it can be used (e.g. CRM platform, DMP, analytics tooling). And, more importantly, there is the human aspect. People have to start using the insights even though it might point in a different direction than “gut feeling” would indicate.

That is why data storytelling is important. It creates context and supports the process of going from “Is the data correct? ” to “What can we do to improve?”.

We aim to present customer data in a way that takes you through the different steps within the decision- making process and create focus on what to expect from your customers in the future.

Business process

Data application is often seen as an aide for sales and generating revenue. However, customer & company data can also be applied for cost- and efficiency improvement of existing internal processes. Improved customer insights does not only influence marketing but also other functions as Business development, Purchasing, Customer Service and HR.

Consumer & company data can be used to identify bottlenecks in processes and can support initiatives to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  

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